The Heretic's Exodus

Trouble at the Port
In which we meet our heroes, and investigate odd comings and goings

Our story begins in the Port of the Capital of Montaigne. Our heroes have come, very much separately at this point, seeking passage aboard the Whisper’s Wail. The Whisper’s Wail is destined for the New World, and on this trip are quite the number of interesting individuals looking for passage.

Gianni is an obviously devote Vodacce swordsman. he has come with his friend Marco seeking safe passage away from his sorted past.

The McCallough brothers, Shaemus and <insert name="true">, have come in an attempt to escape the reach of a powerful family they have spurned. What they did to incite their wrath is up for debate, but there may have been the innocence of a virgin daughter involved.

As the heroes are boarding the ship, Montaigne soldiers begin locking down the port. When soldiers come to inform the Captain of the Whisper’s Wail, one Sigurd Klein, that

From the Ground up
A working title

The game as of this writing is still very much in the planning stages. So much so that there isn’t even a fully formed Story concept yet, more like a list of possible hooks that we could end up running with. As things progress the page will come to full form.


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